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The Riddle


Image of The Riddle

After many months of prototyping, we are proud to finally present to you the Riddle! With the help of our investors, who preordered Riddles, we are finally able to share this yoyo with you.

The Riddle is an H shaped yoyo with a scalloped design, initially designed by Justin and tweaked to perfection with the help of Noah and Alexis. The Riddle was designed to be midsized, at 54mm, with enough rimweight to be stable and longspinning but light enough, at 63.5g, to remain nimble. The Riddle was crafted from 7068 aluminum primarily for durability, but also to optimize rimweight.

We really hope you like it. All of our efforts have been put into this yoyo and it has sure gone a long way since the first prototype of it. We can't put this thing down and will bet you that you won't be able to either.

Diameter: 54mm
Width: 44mm
Gap width: 4.4mm
Mass: 63.5g
Power level: over 9000