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Image of Paradox
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  • Image of Paradox

After roughly 6 months since we received the first prototype for this yoyo, we're finally ready to share it with you! Luckily for us, we got the design right the first try. However, Justin wanted to focus on the Riddle as the first release, since few people had worked with 7068 prior to us. Once the Riddles were sold out, we felt it was ready to move on to the Paradox, so we used all the money we earned from the Riddles to fund production of the Paradoxes.

We designed this initially to be a small yoyo with chunky rims and a simple cup. We wanted it to be light and floaty, since most small yoyos these days tend to still have the same mass as full sized yoyos. We didn't like the dense feeling that these yoyos tended to have, so we decided to keep it light.

Diameter - 52mm
Width - 40mm
Mass - 58g (yes, you read that right)
Fun factor - 100%

P.S. please please please be careful when screwing/unscrewing - we've noticed that they strip a little easier than we would like them to, so just a heads up!