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Image of Murmur
  • Image of Murmur

For this drop we collaborated with Gender Blind AZ to make a special edition color-way of the Murmur. We are going to donate all our proceeds to Transforming Family, a awesome organization out of LA that helps children and families create supportive and inclusive environments in which gender may be freely expressed and respected. It’s a cool yoyo for a even cooler cause I’d say 😎

Following the Apollo, we wanted to design a yoyo that was just as balanced. However, we wanted it to be more fun and free flowing, as well as easy on the wallet.

As always, we started with the hub. Rather than just using a domed hub, we wanted to experiment with adding a bit of a border to the dome. From there, we decided to go with an organic profile to keep with the theme of fun and free flowing.

The Murmur is a mid-sized yoyo that fits nicely into the hand. It's nice and nimble, but begs for a very controlled touch, as mindlessly going through tricks can tip it off axis. This extra focus can help in perfecting a trick and allow you to truly express yourself through yoyo. Your voice need not be louder than a murmur, as you can let the yoyo and the trick speak for you.

Diameter : 54mm
Width : 42mm
Gap Width: 4.2mm
Weight : 63.5g
Shape: Organic
Street Cred : All of it