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Image of Apollo
  • Image of Apollo
  • Image of Apollo

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The Apollo was designed to be light, fast, and stable. I know, I know, I know - that's the most generic description possible. So let's get into the design process a bit.

We wanted to have a good balance between rimweight and maneuverability. Since concentrating mass at the rims sacrifices maneuverability for added stability, we designed the rims to scallop inwards to bring some of the rimweight closer to the center. Doing so allows the rimweight to not be too concentrated at the rims and aids in maneuverability. We also added a touch of centerweight with the raised hub, though the added centerweight is deceptively small: the mass at the hub is just slightly more than if we were to keep the hub flat. The result: a healthy dose of rimweight with just the right amount of centerweight (aka perfectly balanced).

Now with the profile, we combined rounded rims with a slightly scalloped catchzone. The rounded rims provide comfort. The scalloped catchzone provide minimized string friction. Together, we get a cohesive aesthetic quality similar to the Riddle, but far less extreme, more organic, and overall just more pleasing to the eye.

Diameter: 56mm
Width: 44mm
Mass: 65g
Material: 7075 aluminum